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Magnet University - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Our customers ask many questions about our products. Some of the more common questions are listed here. Most of these questions are related to our standard stock magnets which are sintered Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets.
1. What does the Grade of the magnet mean? 2. What is the pull strength of your magnets? 3. Your published pull force values are less than values published by other suppliers. Why? 4. What metals will magnets attract? 5. What is the Gauss of your magnets? 6. Is one pole stronger than the other? 7. How long will a magnet stay magnetized? 8. Will my magnets demagnetize if I heat them? 9. Can Nd-Fe-B magnets be drilled and machined? 10. Can magnets cure disease? 11. Is it safe to take magnets on airplanes? 12. I would like to get a single pole magnet? 13. Can you provide radially magnetized magnets? 14. Can you make very large magnets? 15. Can I levitate one magnet over another? 16. Will stacking magnets make them stronger? 17. Can I weld of solder rare earth magnets? 18. Should I use a keeper (a steel piece running from North to South pole) to store my magnets? 19. How is neodymium pronounced? 20. What is the Curie temperature of a magnet? 21. What is the operating temperature of a magnet? 22. Can I purchase unplated neodymium magnets? 23. Can you make a custom sized magnet? 24. Can I use your magnets in a marine environment.? 25. What adhesive should I use to glue your magnets? 26. Can I paint your magnets? 27. Will painting or coating the magnets decrease their magnetic force?